Nicole Louis

Nicole became a mother at the age of 13. She has survived abuse, homelessness, assault, juvenile incarceration, depression, suicide, and addiction. Emerging from her trials and hardships, she graduated high school with her scheduled class then went on to earn two associate degrees: Business Administration and Chemical Dependency Counseling.  Now as a published author, speaker, teacher, life coach, wife, and mother of three she shares her wisdom and empowers through dynamic presentations, workshops, and mentoring.

As a teacher…

Nicole developed ‘Habits of a Queen’ Etiquette Training Course, an 8 week in person class, to help young ladies and women of all ages become the Queens that they are meant to be. Through the journey of accessing their current habits and transforming them into more productive ones. The biggest difference between living the life of our dreams and where we currently are is our habits. Discover a whole new life filled with love, abundance, wealth, respect, and grace all through the power of learning a queen etiquette and habits.

Online courses are in the works and will be available later this year so you can end your year with saying goodbye to old habits & starting a new you in the new year.

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As an Author…

Nicole has authored 2 true memoirs that capture some of the most joyful, exciting, scary, sad, and everything in between, moments of her life. This is a solid foundation for teaching life lessons, and wisdom through true experiences. The situations she has endured and overcome are a testimony of triumph that most women can relate to, and every man should take head to.

‘A Girl’s Secrets’ is currently available to purchase on Amazon.

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As a Life Coach…

Nicole offers Life Coaching to those that have gone through or going through rough patches as she has.

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As a Speaker…

Nicole Louis has almost 10 years of experience presenting and working with youth and young adults. As a keynote or featured speaker Nicole opens doors to all of the above topics of discussion as well as inspires audiences to reflect upon their life, decisions, and goals. It’s hard to find a dry eye in the place once Nicole shares her story or parts of.

Topics covered in her work includes:

  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Celibacy/Abstinence
  • Self-Esteem
  • Child Abuse & Recovery
  • Decision Making
  • Domestic Violence and Prevention
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Coping Skills
  • Sex Addiction and Recovery
  • Assertiveness

She identifies the emotions, thought process, and concepts that justified her behaviors, giving the audience a MUCH NEEDED opportunity to ask rhetorically, “Do I do that?” and “What can I do better in my life?”

Her story is a great co-signing message for organizations and groups looking to fund-raise or address any of the subjects that she covers. Her message is clear “Love yourself, because no one will do it better.”