Nicole has authored 2 books. These true memoirs capture some of the most joyful, exciting, scary, sad, and everything in between, moments of her life. This is a solid foundation for teaching life lessons, and wisdom through true experiences. The situations she has endured and overcome are a testimony of triumph that most women can relate to, and every man should take head to.

A Girl’s Secrets: The Making of a Female Addict

This true memoir brings to light the thoughts and emotions that childhood trauma can cause for a unguided mixed race little girl attempting to understand the world. Growing up in unstable environments, Nicole finds herself in dangerous and troublesome situations. From being a 13 year old teen parent to facing attempted murder charges, this story is proof that what people see on the outside is not always as pretty on the inside.

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A Woman’s Secrets: The Making of a Female Sex Addict

This continuation of Nicole’s previous true memoir takes readers into the mind of a young adult with a troubled past. After losing few things in her life that gave her stability, Nicole’s coping mechanisms become a whole addiction. The addiction takes Nicole on a terrifying journey, and almost takes her life. Ending with a surprise that no one expected.

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